London wide groups to join

London Tenants Federation – a strong representative voice for social housing tenants in London

London Renters Union – high profile in Newham & Leytonstone, Hackney and Lewisham. Needing support to become a London-wide union that can tackle the housing crisis.

London Renters Union – Information about Ealing that may inspire you to start your own local group

London Renters Union – Information about Hounslow that may inspireĀ  you to start your own group

The Anti-Tribalism Movement runs a range of advocacy and campaigning projects. One initiative is the training of housing champions to influence policy

Ealing Matters – excellent website about the lack of consultation and over development of expensive housing and non social housing in Ealing

Contact Ealing Council to be connected to these Tenants and Residents Associations

Contact Hounslow Council’s Partnership Unit to connect to your local Tenants and Residents Association as well as Leaseholders Association. Or you can call Hibo Warsama (Housing Officer) on 020 8583 4364

You can find out how to join this association and how to download an new app that will enable you to communicate with the Council more easily