Below is a wide selection of training sessions hosted by EHCVS which we have recently delivered to help support housing campaigning. The sessions have been recorded so that you can revisit any particular areas and refresh your learning from time to time.

Monitoring and Evaluation

An essential requirement if you gain funding to set up a project. Learn how you can do this easily and effectively

Conducting Community Consultations

Learn how to engage with your community to gain powerful information and statistics to help  you campaign

Corporate Fundraising

Ever thought of approaching local corporate organisations for funding?   Watch this training to find out how.

Co-production Part One

Co-production means developing a project or initiative designed and steered by the people it supports.  It’s essential to build this into all projects including campaigning

Co-production Part Two

More training about co-production

Financial Management

An essential training video to watch if you receive funding or donations for any group you set up or any projects/campaigning you may carry out

Digital Marketing

Everything you need to know about digital marketing, social media, messaging and how to get your organisation noticed

Advocacy and Effective Representation (an overview)

This is a general overview. What exactly is Advocacy and who can help?

Report Writing – Part One

This training is fantastic. Who doesn’t need help with report writing.  You will learn how to produce concise, professional reports for a wide range of audiences including funders and supporters

Report Writing  – Part Two

More useful insight, tips and tricks to help you produce impressive reports

The Localism Act

This training outlines an Act which all local councils need to abide by.  Sometimes they do not and being familiar with this act can be really useful when campaigning